Wednesday, November 20, 2013


We have had 2 bad days of traveling on this trip, and today was the second one.  We left Paraa Lodge early and caught the ferry for the last time!   We basically drove 200 miles on the worst roads ever.  We hit a torential rain storm.  There was alot of slipping and sliding, even with the Land Crusier.  I was cursing the whole thing and bouncing like a rubber ball.  After 5 1/2  hrs we had only gone 99 miles, so we pulled over on some piney woods and had a box lunch picnic and took a break. 
The problem is: we are seeing a lot of Uganda, and between lodges, there is not much except local tribes and small villages, so on the last couple legs of the trip, we have had to drive on mostly dirt roads with huge ruts, and lots of mud.  As soon as rainy season is over, the communities will,probabaly grade these red dirt roads, but for now it is tough going.  We have really seen the "local" tourists here.  People walk everywhere in the country. Today was Sunday and most were dressed for church.  Our guide, Ham, speaks 6 different tribal languages and was able to tell me about the dress of many of  the groups.  Christian Fundamentalist groups have been a huge influence in this area, but the people throw their own version of religion in too.  We drove past many, many small churches and they were rocking and rolling  with the spirit!
I cannot say enough about our two great drivers.  We alternate between the rigs and these guys are amazing drivers and people!  While not exactly a comfortable ride, these guys make it so much better with their kindness and humor.  And I give them gold medals for keeping us safe.  I know they must be exhausted after these long driving days, but they are still smiling!

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