Monday, November 25, 2013


Piled into our Land Cruisers today for a drive from the rain forest of Bwindi to the grasses and dryer areas of Uganda.  Of course, nothing can be simple or as planned in Uganda.  The "better road" we were suppposed to take had places washed out from all the rain, so we had to backtrack on the super hwy!  Hahahha.  That is the very rutted dirt track that is mostly used by truckers carrying goods from Mombasa to Congo.  The main entertainment for us besides seeing animals, was seeing how many trucks slide off the road and end up overturned into ditches.  Uganda has very little machinery, so most of the people just start digging.  It takes forwever to get a truck back on track...days sometimes.  On these really long days you get to know your travel mates pretty well.  I lucked out when we did the land cruiser shuffle this time.  With our guide, Ham, who is a local boy made good....we talked about everything: politics, religion, female circumcision, male circumcision, marriage, babies, sex, food, morals, poligamy, education, language, Idi Amin, future of Uganda.....all the good stuff.  When we got to our next lodge and we getting out of the car, I heard one of "our" guys ask the other group what they talked about on the long ride..........Answer: "birds".  

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