Wednesday, November 13, 2013


We made it and we are tired. Met our three Ugandan guides who will be with us thru thick or thin for the whole trip.  Ham is the name of our main guy, and it was it 42 nd birthday today.  He has a very soft voice and a strong accent, but big smile, and I am enjoying getting to know him.  We unloaded and rested by the pool in our hotel.  Weather is grand, actually...but there are alot of "developing county problems" that I am trying to look  at with huomor.  Like right befor dinner I heard a faint knock on our flimsy door, and upon opening was greeted by a young man with a couple BIG cans of bug spray asking if wanted our room and belongings sprayed. Well, hell yes!  Then I locked our passports and $$ in the room safe, but could not get it to open.  Imagine my disdain when I asked for help and another man came in and just pressed a "hidden" button...and open easy!  I do have internet, but it is convoluted and slow.  So far, we have no hot know, just little things.!!!  Wine comes in the basic two flavors, and the food is surprisingly good. steve tempted fate today and ordered a huge  salad.  I had Tilapia caught, not farmed. We had a couple briefings, and yes, while Uganda is definetly third world and has over 35 million people in a country a tad bigger than Washington State...we were assured it was safe to walk around.  
We hit the road tomorrow for a long drive to Murchisson Falls.  The roads can be muddy, if it rains, and cause delays.....but  I am ready.  So tired.  Will try and up load a few pictures.

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