Friday, March 9, 2012


I had mixed feelings about Queenstown. After we got settled here last night, we strolled into town and it was very crowded. A very young crowd here and the bars were packed lots of tourists. The town itself is cradled around a beautiful lake with the "Remarkables" in the back ground. If you want action, this is the place to find it, and there is something for everyone. Steve and Bruce found a paragliding site and took off
In the early morning to paraglide all day. Dave also got up early, but went on a half day hike around the lake. I followed suit and took a walk by the lake and walked back through the most beautiful "English" park. In fact, Queenstown was named after Queen Victoria and as in most of New Zealand, the English influence is readily seen.
The morning was sunny, bright, and the streets were empty. It looked so different and was wonderfully quiet. Linda, Nan and I found a nice pub for lunch and spent the afternoon wandering the streets, the lake side and the park. Even tho the town is crawling with tourists, it is such a beautiful setting, it is hard not to get swept up it's action and activities. We will be leaving for a couple days, but will return for 3 more days in Queenstown, and Steve is organizing all the thrills and spills he can fit it!

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