Tuesday, March 6, 2012


After another wonderful brekky in Kaikoura (which means "eat crayfish") in Maori, we meandered on the main highway of the South IS on our way to Christchurch. Of course, our journey ALWAYS includes a stop a few hours later at a quaint and fun coffee shop.Nancy and Pete know them all, and today wasn't any different. What IS different is the main highway through the whole South Island of NZ is no bigger than one of our narrow 2 lane roads! If it gets windy...I claim the front seat! The scenery is much like the NW in the summer, except more sheep!
A few miles before Christchurch, there is a venue called the Adrenaline Forest. I bet you can guess who ferreted this out. It consists of a large forest rigged with all manner of Zip Lines, platforms, rigging, climbing things,nets, etc. Before the guys paid up, we all went over to the kiddies playground where they had small versions of the adult levels. Oh boy! Did we ever have fun! We went on all the kiddie zips, go rounds, and other crazy equipment. Nan, Linda, and I felt we had all the adrenaline we needed, so we left for our hotel, and a walk to a mall.
Steve, Dave, and Bruce actually paid money to try up to 6 levels of adrenaline fun. They put on harnesses and gloves and listened to all the safely talk. The instructor told them if they had difficulty or got scared they could scream for help "like a wee little girl". So, do you think they would do that? NOT! I think the young man who was working there that day was pretty impressed with 3 elderly gentlemen going for it. I mean, they could have been sauntering around the mall with us, sipping cappuccinos! They all got back safe and sound and said they enjoyed pushing the limits.
Our wonderful friends/guides/driver extraordinaire - Nancy and Pete are from Christchurch and have a home here. They invited us to dinner at their favorite Pub. They picked us up, and away we went for a great pub dinner with the locals. New Zealanders love their pubs, their beer, their cricket, and hearty portions of grub! We have never once been hungry on this trip, and I am not so sure that is a good thing!

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