Friday, March 2, 2012


What does one do with an extra unplanned day in a stormy city? This is what our little travel team did. First we all slept in and watched the rain and wind beat against then windows of the West Plaza Hotel. About 11 am we ventured to the Te Papa Museum. This is a wonderful museum and a free one. Because it was a Saturday,rainy, and free, there were alot of people visiting it. Still we managed about 3 hrs wandering it's floors and learning about the cultures of this area. Today was
Cook Is day and there was much music and art of that area.
The next thing we did was visit a very very cool grocery, where I coined a new word, named after our friends who like to shop for their picnic lunches and dinners when traveling. We called it: doing the "Selby"
The rain stopped a little, so we walked to the waterfront from our hotel. This is a great place to send some time and even though it was really stormy, we walked all over and saw many sculptures and art exhibits. The guys managed to get onto a huge barge with a giant crane on it. Kind of like "tool time" on the water.
We played around until it started to rain again, then Nan remembered that
Happy Hour in the hotel bar was soon. We scurried like little rats back across the dock and into the hotel to enjoy HH. Because of the storm delay, the ferries are pretty backed up, but our group managed to secure a spot on the first run. Only down side is we leave at 7:00am! No likie. But we are a day behind and have to catch up. Here's hoping that the crossing won't be too rough, and we won't be "chumming for salmon" as Bruce so delicately puts it!

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