Thursday, March 8, 2012


I got up early and saw that the clouds had lifted and there was Mt. Cook in all her glory. We all decided to take an early morning hike, but by the time we had reached the trailhead, we were socked in again! We ventured on, anyway and it felt great to be outside in such a pretty area. After the hike we started our drive to Queenstown, the adrenaline capitol of an already adrenaline addicted country! We stopped for our mid morning ritual at a new coffee shop. Then we drove through countryside very much like Eastern WA, and especially the Chelan area, with fruit orchards and vineyards.
Right before one gets to the main Queenstown City, there is a venue that started the whole Bungy Jumping
Experience that caught on everywhere in the world. This place os called AJ Hackett Bungy and dare devils jump off a 147 ft high bridge into a water filled canyon. If you are thinking we stopped to jump, you are partially right. Steve and Bruce decided it would be cool to do this for the first time from the place that started it all. All in all we watched them and quite a few others take the plunge. Crazy. And we hadn't even gotten to Queenstown yet! They got T-shirts and videos, and pictures and accolades from the crowd who seemed to really enjoy the old guys performance. After all the hoop-la had calmed down, we stopped at a very charming town called Arrowtown, where Nancy treated us to a late afternoon ice cream cone. The day had gotten very warm, so a cold cone hit the spot. We are hunkered down in Queenstown for 2 days, and wonder what exciting adventures are in store tomorrow.

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