Thursday, October 28, 2010


After a final swim in the medeterainian, we packed up and left our beautiful hotle perched on the cliffs of Antolya.

We turned turned N. and drove through miles of agriculture and "seas of greenhouses" growing tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and most of Northern Europe's vegetable needs, especially in winter.  As we continue to climb into the rugged mts. we see Nomadic people (and still called gypsies) with big goat herds. We see small mt. villages and the beautiful Lebanon cedar trees.  Strangley, we also notice road side stands selling huge bunches of Turkish bananas which are small, sweet, with a wonderful aroma.  The roads are excellent and modern as we cross the Mts. into the high central plains of Turkey.  As the land flattens we see miles and miles of cotton fields, and sugar beet fields which are being harvested.  We pass sheep herders with flocks big and small, and most of them guarded by the fierce Anatolian Sheep dog.  This breed is placed as a puppy into whatever herd a farmer wants guarded and they guard with their lives.  literally taking on any foe they see as threatening.  They are invaluble  for a sheep herded in a land that still has wolves and wild boars.  Every herd we see has one of two of these big dogs standing close.

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