Friday, October 15, 2010


We saw so many antiquities today, that my mind is in a blur.  The weather was raining off and on, but really we were in a steam bath all day.  We took

 a tram ride like the one in Palm Springs up to a Mt. top and saw the town of Pergamum. All the Greek and Roman gods are running together in my mind right now, so guess I will talk about olives.  Typical Turkish breakfast...vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers) fresh farmers cheeses, bread and OLIVES!  Lots of them.  We had the typical breakfast this am.  The hills are just covered with olive trees in this apart of Turkey, and because Italy doesn't grow enough olives anymore, the Turks export alot of their olives to Italy.  It may be technically Italian olive oil, but the olives are grown in Turkey.

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