Wednesday, October 20, 2010


While we were anchored on the Gulet, some of us decided to follow a goat trail up the side of a mt. and see what we could see.  We climbed steadily for a couple miles and saw a little known Greco Roman site called Lydea.  The trail was lined with old olive trees and herbs, and while very warm, it smelled good.  After another mile on the goat trail, we saw......a goat herder and his wife and child.  They are semi nomadic in this area and invited us to their "hut" for sage tea.  After making sure the water was boiled well, we decided to partake.  They also has a few things made from the goats hair and olive wood for sale...They have had hiking visitors before and know how to supliment their income, which is nil.  They live completely off the land with their goats, isolated, and happy with their lives away from civilization.  Although they did not speak a word of English, we managed to communicate, thank them for their hospitality, and even bought some goaty things.

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