Friday, October 15, 2010


Today we spent most of the day in Ephesus, perhaps the world's best preserved ancient city.  Our guide is an expert on Greek and Roman history, and even Biblical history, although he is a Muslim!  He is dang smart, but very funny, so it isn't torture to hear him speak of all things ancient.  Most people know about Ephesus, and if you don't, just google it, because others have studied it for years and can sum it up a lot better than me.
 Then we took a ride way up a windy mountain road to a very small village called Sirince for a "small village style lunch".  We were wined and dined with a very simple but freas and wonderful lunch and the family's homemade wine!  Lots of fresh veggies, fresh hot bread, and of course olives.  The wine was really nice too, but the bottle had no label.
We returned to our interesting hotel right on the water in Kusadasi.  It was built in the 50's in that style and used to host many famous people who came here for the fresh sea air.  The town had really grown but this hotel has stayed true to it's style of the 50's (with some modern updates).  It's funky and fun.  Our room is so big, it has a full sofa, 2 huge arm chairs and 2 decks!  Whoooeeee.  Good thing, cause I heard the cabins on the "gulets" tomorrow are about the size of the bathroom here!


  1. I'm sorry, I know I should focus on the historical value of your trip, but all I could focus on was the photo of all those wonderful olives - by the bowl full!

  2. I'm with Linda... The food and wine looks sooooo good!