Thursday, October 7, 2010


Ok…packing.  How can 2 people going to the same place at the same time, have such a different approach to packing?  Being hyper organized, of course, I started over a week ago placing “maybe needed” items in a big plastic bin for even more organizing later.  I even had my little packing cubes and everything labeled, and  folded  precisely.   I kept waiting for Steve to get with it, and  show a semblance of thinking he was going.  Finally, I asked him if he also wanted a bin to place his clothes, etc in.  He nicely told me “no thanks, I’ll just pile stuff on the floor”. And THAT is where we are at now.  Looking at his stuff, it amazes me that he can actually be gone for almost 3 weeks and only take 2 pairs of pants, 4 shirts, 2 undies, and 2 bathingsuits.  Of course 2 pair of size 14 shoes take up an awful lot of room!  And he insists on taking what is really important to him, a big snorkel and mask for swimming off the “gulet”.  His case is really just a large back pack, and he’ll do fine and be happy.  I won’t even bother to itemize my suitcase, but let’s say it is WAAAY more stuff.  I have repacked 2 times already, and will probably have one more attempt before we head out tomorrow.  To be fair, this doesn’t seem like an easy trip to pack for.  Two of the places we are staying are not going to be big enough for a suitcase, and they ask for patrons to only pack an overnight bag.  One place is an old hotel carved out of cliff hanging over the Mediterranean.  It is supposed to be gorgeous, but rooms are small. The other place is our chartered “traditional Turkish Gulet” that we will be sailing on for 4 nights..capacity:  14 people…… and rooms are…….small.  Of course, they give you the option of sleeping “on deck” under the stars.  I wonder which outfit I will pack for that!   It is also the ONE time, I am thankful for natural curly hair.  I can forgo the hairdryer and fill the space with snacks!  It’s amazing how many packs of M & Ms you can fit in the space of a hairdryer.
I know it will all work out.  It always does.  It just seems so funny to me that we always go through this scenario….and nothing changes.   Gotta go and rearrange my suitcase one more time.


  1. Bon Voyage you two! Can't wait for the first posting from Turkey! "Gobble Gobble!"

  2. Ha Ha... you two are fun to watch. Keep us posted...