Tuesday, October 12, 2010


"Lyi aksamlar" from Turkey. 
We woke up this am to drizzle, sort of like the NW.  But, we started the sightseeing anyway by first going to the famous "Blue Mosque".  Dubbed "Blue" by tourists because of all the intricate blue tiles.  Then a long time spent at the Center for Islamic Arts which was actually very interesting.  It is housed in a huge castle that was the home the Ottoman Emperor Suliman.  Then off to the Hagia Sophia which is rated the "world's grandest cathedral" and built in 5 years in 537 AD.  Most other great cathedrals took decades if not centuries to complete.  We all wanted to see the Roman cisterns that brought water to the Romans when they were ruling the Turkish Empire.  It was a dank and huge, but eriely serene and beautiful area complete with a few Medusa's heads to keep away evil things.  The Romans freely grabbed things from the Greeks that suited their fancy.  All this was BEFORE lunch, and we were tired, hungry, and ready to implode with so much new knowledge.  So, off we went to the big Turkish spice market, which smells so good, and has so much to see and buy, and eat!  So we did!  Their version of a gyro is the meat off the grill, and small fried potatoes stuffed in pita or some kind of wrap.  We had that for lunch.  Then Our guide bought us some "healthy Turkish Delight" made with carrots and oranges, pistacheos, and dusted with cocoanut dust....He said it was much better than normal stuff and healthy.....and very hard to find.  Sorry, no picture, cause we ATE IT SO FAST!

The picture above is part of the underground cistern. Then, we boarded a big boat and crusied up and down the Bosphorus Sea, and looked at the mansions and castles and fortresses lining almost every section.  It was a gray and drizzly day, and we felt right at home!


  1. I feel like I'm right there with you! Have you learned any Turkish words yet? Tell Steve that Arnold is burning today and needs his help!

  2. Great pictures... you guys are seeing such interesting stuff. You are really packing a lot into the day.