Thursday, December 10, 2015


Since this was a mystical tour and involved many religiously important areas, we were now in one of  Buddhisms holiest sights, Saranth. After achieving enlightenment, the Buddha delivered his FIRST SERMON and founded the first Buddhist Monastery in   6th century BCE. This sight draws pilgrims from all over the world, yet is was uncrowded and serene at the time of our visit. Of course, the Hindus believe  the Buddha was the 12th reincarnation of Their Hindu god, and Buddhism was founded and started in India. We had a peaceful morning touring the stupa...observation...the real and only stupa is supposed to  have the relics of the actual Buddha, but there are many many many fake "stupas" in the world to confuse a person. Well, we saw this original Stupa. We also went to the Saranth Museum to see a superb collection of Buddhist artifacts from the evacuation of this area, which was totally covered in water and mud, for centuries. 

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