Friday, December 4, 2015


I will say that we all enjoyed the respite from bumpy roads and big cities at Dera Village retreat. After our afternoon fun with Cricket and Henna we climbed up on the trusty camel carts once more and headed to the real village. There the people welcomed us with a couple traditional dances and showed us how they lived. The women really didnt want their pictures taken, even the small girls could say "no pictures".  But the boys were all for it, even haming it up for us. Densie captured their hearts by showing pictures of her kids on her iphone. They were memsmerized. Camels are really very important to India, especially in the agricultural areas. They do everything. We really enjoyed this part. Returning back our cabins, we sat out on our deck and shared a bottle of wine. Soon, the bar opened and the dancers and musicians from the village arrived and put on a show. They are very colorful and elaborate in the costumes. I for once, did not have my camera! Cant beleive it. But I danced and swirled the veil they gave me! 
It was hard to leave this quiet place in the am. I wished we could have stayed longer. But we were on our way back on the bumpy trail and ending up in Agra the next day for many sites, including the TajMahal.

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