Saturday, December 5, 2015


Along the way we met some beautiful Indian women who wanted their husbands to take pictures of us with them! So funny. Namaste.

We drove into town to take an Indian cooking lesson from woman in her private home. Very fun. She and her husband, who is a famous art collector, enjoy entertaining visitors from other countries, and showing us their property in the middle of Agra. It was a beautiful home filled with antiques and historical art and jewelry. I noticed many "famous and important dignitaries"  in many of the pictures. They were well educated and Brahmin.
She showed us how to make Paneer, Pootie bread, and cottage cheese. Then we were served home made luncheon from their house. We've been seeing so many poor, and now we saw the other side, but as far as middle class in India.....not too many.

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