Thursday, December 3, 2015


Before we got to our quaint Village Retreat, we had one thing to do and that was visit a local school. Our tour group decided to support this school and every time a group shows up, they offer something to the kids at the school. Our offering was "underwear" . We passed out tshirts and pants and it didn't matter to who or to what age, each child was eager ((sometimes TOO) eager to receive anything. There is only one teacher with kids of all different ages, but they get a "hot meal" each day they attend school, and for some that is a godsend. Odysseys Group is working on infrastructure for lighting and outdoor pit toilets. Here, people just walk to the fields to relieve them, a "place" to go over and over for this bodily function Is entirely foreign, so there is much work to be done in changing thinking, let alone doing it.
Finally , we got to Dera Village Retreat. Our rooms were sparse AND comfortable and a nice change from the bustling cities.  We each had a porch to sit on in this quiet area, but we were on the go. i could have  stayed here many more days. All the staff and helpers were from the local village and this lodge has given them an income like never before. We had a simple lunch and no spicy surprises. Then we got on camel carts to travel down the dirt roads to the village. Before that trek we were shown how to play "Cricket" by the staff. Jill volunteered to man a team with some others from the group. The rest of us elected to have "henna" designs put on our hands or anywhere else by some local tribal women. Somehow,the henna on our white bodies, just didn't cut it for me, but I did it anyway.
Our henna ladies.

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