Sunday, June 22, 2014


 "A newcomber
  needs fire
  his knees are numb,
  A man who has made
  his way over mountains
  needs food amd fresh linen."

Viking sayings from 1000 years ago!  They nailed it.  We did make our way over the mountains today, and our kneeS WERE sore, with a few differences.  We flew in a plane, and on the way to our hotel, we  stopped to see Skogar waterfall.  Steve and I decided to climb the almost 400 steps to the top of the falls to see the view.  Trouble is, we only had 15 min to get up and back and somwe were on a fast track.  We made it, but "the knees were numb"!

We arrived at Hotel Ranga on the Ranga River and were shown to our cozy room.  All the food served is local, even the wonderful Salmon and duck which were caught on the river  in front of us!  Many people come here for the Northern Light display, and yes, they are still in the sky, but we can't see them because of all the daylight.  They have these interesting log chairs/lounges that people can sit on  and snuggle on with big blankets when it is dark and cold.  We tried them out, but it was still sunny and NOT cold.

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