Wednesday, June 18, 2014


We are hunkered down in the most wonderful town of Akureyri in the northern area of Iceland.  We had a long but fun day sightseeing and a few small hikes in a very bizarre landscape.  Everything a volcano can to to a landscape is here and it is hauntingly beautiful.  The snow covered volcanos, the huge waterfalls, the boiling sufuric mud pots, the strange lava contortions and the most wonderful natural spas are all here. There are Norse Sagas aplenty to go around and explain these natural wonders. We just walked and hiked and enjoyed it all.  
After visiting Lake Myvtan and expeiencing the massive flys that just pester the hell out of everyone, Chris and I bought fly nets to wear while walking.  They worked!
 A few of us ended up at Myvatn Nature Bath which was the highlight of the day for me. We brought out bathing suits and slipped into the most wonderful pools of geothermal water that comes from the fissures deep in the earth. The pools are huge, very warm,(and in some areas... too hot) and the water contains a unique blend of mineral, silicates, and micro-organisms that soothes the body.  We loved it, but finally after almost an hour, we had to get dressed and continue the trek in this area. I didn't get any pics of the pool.  I was so anxiuos to get in!  But, here's  a bugnet selfie!

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