Thursday, June 19, 2014


We got up early and left for a small northern town called Husavik to  board an old wooden sailing boat and go out into the frigging cold North Atlanitc to see some Puffins.  A LOT of Puffins.  About 200,000 Puffins who roost on.....ta da.....Puffin Island.  Somehow I was thinking this was going to be a small pram in a small park inlet.  What was I thinking!!! We lined up for our survival suits.  I was last, and all the smalls were gone and I got an extra large humdinger of a survival suit, even bigger than Steve's! I couldn't even stand up without feeling like a bobble head doll.  Steve looked pretty dang good in his, and I was miserable.  The captain immediately announced the safety stuff and also added that there was no shame in chucking one's cookies because of rough seas in the NORTH ATLANTIC! I was worried, considering my propensity to do just what he said.  Luckily the trip out to the Island was only about 45 min so I survived. There were alot Puffins flying and floating and diving, but we just could not get close enough to this island with all the wave action.  The crew brought around hot chocolate and cinnamon roles, but I did not partake.  We learned much about Puffins and they are a special bird in these parts.  The population loves them, and even eats them.
The town of Husavik is a wonderful small harbor town that is so picturesque, but then everything in Iceland is picturesque!

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