Wednesday, June 25, 2014


"The cautious guest
  who comes to the table
   speaks sparingly.
   Listens with ears
   learns with eyes.
   Such is the seeker of

From horses and hiking we had a surprise waiting for us in Akureyri one evening.  We thought we were on our own after a long day, but our guide said we had been invited to an art reception in town. Even though, we were tired, most of us went and I was so glad Steve and I chose to go.  They wined and dined us with lovely wine, and platters of apps(or canapes as they call them). The owner only works with natural things like wool, wood, FISH SKINS, and even lamb's stomachs and intestines.  No by-product is wasted...and remember, they are happy lambs while alive. The artist's daughter wasjust fresh   from her own show in London, where her hand made wool (yes, she made the yarn too) was chosen to be on the runway.  They also had a Inuit woman from Greenland with them and her art display of handmade paper with silver threads was stunning.  A few of the women who went bought gorgeous silk and wool scarves/shawls that were all so different.  The material in the dress pictures I am posting were cod skin, salmon skin dress, and spotted catfish with mink trim.  The skins are cured and are soft.  The lamps are made from wool.

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