Friday, June 13, 2014


"He who travels widely,
 needs his wits about him......
The stupid should stay home!"

 Getting ready for a new little jaunt, I read that fine line in The Words of the High One.  The dry aphorisms that can often stand alone in a body of great writing.  I sort of got into the Icelandic Poetry and  Sagas as I was preparing for our trip. Those tough old Vikings had a way with words that cut through all the flowery descriptions and just laid it out.. Old Icelandic poetry doesn't rhyme or fall into syllable counting meters. I may be sprinkling some more here and there as I describe this trip.

So off we go today on Icelandic Air straight thru to Reykjavik from SeaTac.  We land early in the am and grab our ride as we head North to Borgarnes, a small town on the shores of Borgarfjorour. The island nation was invaded by the Norwegian Vikings and the Celts and they found something to love in this hard scrabble land. I am looking forward to some spectacular scenery, coldish weather, beautiful people, "skyr", putrefied shark meat, singed sheep's head, sheep's blood pudding, and broiled puffin. (this was all in the "Exploring Iceland" brochure)  .

After scooting around the Northern and Southern reaches of this fine country, we will end our visit in Reykjavik for a few days.  There will be a couple of added attractions that may prove to be the frosting on the cake.  On a whim, and a "head's up" from an acquaintance with strong Iceland genes, I signed up to do:  The Midnight well, midnight.  It is a marathon through Reykjavik, but also includes a short course (5 K) for the less inspired.  It is supposed to be sunny all night and also, instead of a beer garden after the race, we get to soak in some hot springs.  The "other" attraction this gal is looking forward to is The ICELANDIC PHALLOLOGICAL MUSEUM.  Yes, a whole museum devoted to the penis of the various types of mammals.  This isn't a joke, and if you've been to Iceland, you have probably visited this museum, which says in it's blurb...has finally made it possible for individuals to undertake serious study in the field of Phallology in an organized SCIENTIFIC fashion. If you don't believe it....but I'm going.

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