Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Spent all day touring Valparaiosa on the coast. It is a great OLD coastal town, with beautiful rocky beaches and great seafood empanadas. Our flt leaves late tonight, so we had all day to explore before heading to the airport. We loved both Chile and Argentina, and they are very different from one another. Patagonia is a place of it's own, but each country claims part of it, but it really seems like a separate country. Kind of wild and wooly and still untamed. Argentina is busy and messy, and fun and exciting, the wild child of the two countries. They are still struggling with their government and social policies and inflation and unemployment. Chile on the other hand, seems to have found a stride that works for them, after the terrible years of Pinochet. They are proud of what they have accomplished in the years since the dictatorship. They have low unemployment, a strong military, good police, a strong currency, clean and orderly cities with great traffic flow, and beautiful uncrowded freeways and roads. They are working hard at eliminating poverty and moving the homeless into better housing. The country is an easy place in which to travel.
We have had such an interesting and varied few weeks. I just throw some random pictures out of this and that. I cannot say "adios" to South America, because our guide says that is used for a final goodby, when you do not plan to c e back or see the person again...and I definitely want to come back and explore more...so....hasta la vista.

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