Monday, February 18, 2013


OK...what does one do if money is no object, and they LOVE and have a passion for WINE and HORSES!
They,the Matte family of Chile, bought 1500 acres on the slopes of the Andes and raise thoroughbreds and grapes and both are doing extremely well. This morning we ventured to this vineyard for a private tour and tasting. As we drove along grassy fields of beautiful horses, which then turned into acres of grape laden vines, I thought......omg! wow! And all those overused phrases!
So then we do the obligatory tour, which was quite interesting, since this endeavor was only established in 1991, and now one of Italy's renowned vintner has become a 50% owner. After the tour we were led into the tasting room which was "under" the waterfall, and the sun was shining through the water and lighting the room. There was a thick glass inverted ceiling that the waterfall cascaded on. No standing at the wine bar here. Noooooo...we had seats with our glasses in front, and an array of palate cleansing munchies. It was only 10 AM! But..ok. We were giving small booklets and little goodies as we left. It was so fun. The sommelier told me that, yes....their wines were available in the states and their only distributor was St Michele of Washington State. So anyone is remotely interested the wine is distributed under the labels of: "Equus" , "Haras", and "Albis" (this one made with both winemakers...Chilean and Italian).
I thought it was an excellent way to spend a Monday morning! Salut!

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