Monday, February 18, 2013


Been in Santiago for a couple days of sightseeing and walking all over this very lovely city. I like it a lot. It clean and easy to get around and the subways, and other infrastructure make it a delight to navigate. After a long afternoon of seeing the downtown area yesterday, we got cleaned up and prepared to go to some Chileans homes for dinner. These are regular professional people who live and work in Santiago, and enjoy meeting visitors and opening up their homes and "sharing" good conversation. Jorge picked us up at out hotel and drove us to his home near the foothills. His wife, Marianna, and her friend, Pilar, had prepared a traditional Chilean meal and the wine was flowing and no topic was off limits! Jorge was well versed in many subjects, but we mainly bantered about politics and social issues of South American countries and the US. I loved it! But sensed not everyone was as comfortable as I was with the subjects. Chile has become a model for the other countries in SA with their robust economy, growing middle class, safety, and attracting visitors with their diverse travel opportunities.
It was getting late, and since Jorge had had a bit of wine(the DUI laws are really strict here, and enforced) , Pilar said she would take all the ladies home in her car. As soon as we closed the car door, she leaned over and said..."wanna go dancing"? Be still my heart. Tempting. It was almost 11:30 PM and I knew the next day was going to be busy again.... would have been fun!!

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