Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Our ship pulled up to the disembark area of Cape Horn about 6:00 am. The crew and guides were SOOO happy because it was almost a perfect summer day for trying to climb to the lighthouse and albatross. Raining, 40 mph winds, slippery, 40 degrees. Perfect. I had a couple quick cups of coffee in the "early risers" area, and went back to don all my rain gear, gloves, hats, boots, lifejacket. We all piled into zodiacs for a beach landing and then started a very steep climb up the wettest rickety steps ever! Actually, some people stayed back. Since I was recently fueled with caffeine, I was MOVING! I managed to be the second person to get to the Albatross Monument. This interesting monument is made out of 10 steel plates, each one 1/2 inch thick. It was erected by the Chilean Navy on the Chilean section of Cape Horn in memory of the "men of the sea" from every nation that lost their lives fighting the "merciless forces of Nature of the Southern Ocean" that prevail in the vicinity of the legendary cape. Wow, I was thinking as I was almost blown off the perch..."good thing our boat was not scheduled to actually sail around the "legendary cape". Hahahahahahahahahah.
A hearty breakfast never tasted so good after a romp for a couple hours in the wind and rain, so I really stuffed my self and was about to go take a shower, when the Captain's cheery voice came on and said this was a "special cruise because the weather seemed right and he was was going to attempt to round the actual CAPE HORN, where the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean meet, and god knows, over 10,000 people have lost their lives in the shipwrecks that have occurred in that mess of a caldron they call the confluence of oceans. He added that ONLY 1 in 10 try's actually make it and he invited us to enjoy this adventure with him. I was about to cry, but not for happiness. Someone else was very excited, and some else was already downing the seasick meds. It was ROUGH, I got know the drill. I fed the fishes.
Oh yeah, I get a certificate.

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  1. Wow, what a trip! That's hippie vernacular for way cool!! I'll bet I know who was very excited about "rounding the horn" - right Steve?!