Friday, February 17, 2012

Well, looking back at the last date, it has been over a year since I blogged on travel adventures. It's not that we haven 't been anywhere, it's just that I have been addicted to Facebook and my new iPad. Now, I am all cured of those addictions and ready to rumble once more. After the great trip to Guatemala, Steve and I decided to keep then sun in our life and headed out to Maui with our sometimes travling buddies, Chris and Fred...also known as Steve's sister and her husband. We did the usual Hawaii stuff, and also got in on the big tsunami warning that evacuated our hotel and caused the excitement for that week. We also made a trip to Monterey to bike ride watch otters and visit Bob and and Gayle Selby. March is a good time to visit the Monterey Peninsula. The crowds are down and the weather is usually good, but on the cool side. On a fun and windy ride to Pebble Beach Golf Course, we all convened on the 18 hole.... Just to say we did!

After a great summer in little'ol Sequim, we headed to the Grand Canyon and a week of exploring and hiking in the fall. We kept going to Oceanside, Ca. And spent a couple months on the beach in our rental. We enjoyed family and visitors from Sequim.
So....join us again as we head "down under"and spend a few weeks in New Zealand. We have a unique chance to see this country with some real Kiwis who also live part time in Sequim. We are traveling with 2 fun couples who have been tried and tested as good traveling companions. Nan and Bruce Burris....long time friends who know me well, and will keep us honest, and Dave and Linda Lyon, new friends of only about 10 years! After a serendipitous meeting with Nancy and Pete Borrell, who have a home in Christchurch, and also reside in Sequim part of the year...we will be off to explore all the best of the North and South Islands of NZ.
We leave next Thursday, Feb 23, and after a long flight, Nancy and Pete will pick us up at the Auckland Airport...and away we will go. So.....catch us later!

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