Monday, February 27, 2012


After wondering the downtown in Auckland, we ventured back to out little hotel and had happy hour. Always a fun time. Then we walked to the small boutique neighborhood around there and were coaxed into a small Italian restaurant by a guy who said he would give us free garlic bread. We are soooo easily led by food. Bruce tried to upgrade us to free wine. We did have a fabulous meal, and even though everyone was complaining about being stuffed, the little gelato place on the way home got our business too.
The next day was sunny and warm and on our way to Rotorua, we stopped for a picnic along the Waikato River. Nancy let us all out in a supermarket first, but she warned the staff there were 6 Yanks loose in then store! After some time looking at all the fun stuff in a NZ supermarket, we loaded up and headed for our picnic. We had a
Huge combination of food, plus someone was drinking R&C's, and we even had hot cappuccinos!
On the way to Rotorua there is an interesting place called the AGRODOME

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