Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The rest of the adventure on the river involved the jet boat doing squirrly turns at high speeds with everyone screaming and wahooing! Everyone, but me. Our driver, Pete, was keen on these maneuvers called "Hamilton Spins". A Hamilton Spin is the jet boat going full throttle and the driver putting it into a turn that spins it with force. Very thrilling for everyone. Almost everyone. After the second one, I knew I going to have a problem. But, 'ol Pete just kept racing up the river and finding a wide spot so he could put "the Boss" into her G-force spins! 11 TIMES! As we were coming back dock, we were going to show off for the last picture. Hope they liked the "picture" of me "chucking my cookies"... Or as someone from the back of the boat yelled..I was "feeding" the fishies"

After that fun filled afternoon, I was NOT feeling very well. Everyone was so and helpful, and after a bit I recovered enough hit the road. We had a beautiful ride through some high hills to a cool town called Napier. We got to our cozy rooms on the shore of Hawks Bay just in time for wine time!

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