Tuesday, February 28, 2012


The area we were headed for today is riddled with steam vents coming from the earth. In fact, as one drives along, they say to watch for steam coming from the bushes, and that's what it looks like. We stopped to ask directions to the Geo-Thermal Power Plant and a friendly farmer wearing shorts with his muck boots helped us out. We drove right up to this huge spread out power structure with no gates or guards or any anything. The land is dotted with steam vents, and pipes to capture the steam and turn it to power for New Zealanders to use. It is such a "clean" and easy way to tap into a natural source of energy. There is so much available, that they have to have mufflers to silence the noise it makes under pressure. More noise than jet engines, but as we looked on to this strange landscape, it was eerily quiet.
We love our hotel, The Suncourt, on the Lake. But alas, the sun has evaded us today and We got in our very nice rooms with view of the Lake just as it started to rain. We are in Taupo tonight and the town is bustling with fit athletes as they get ready for the New Zealand Iron Man. Steve already walked down to the staging area to check out his memories! Tomorrow we head for Napier, but not before some of us embark on The Squeeze. It has to do with a jet boat, water, hot pools, and rock walls. Stay tuned.

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