Monday, February 27, 2012


Before we actually got to Rotorua, a stop was made at the Agrodome. What is that, you might ask? It is a huge sheep ranch were for a price, they show you everything"sheep"......everything. They say that knowledge is power, and I now feel powerful in my sheep trivia. As you can imagine,the male partners in our group decided that may be a little too much sheep info. But the people at the Agrodome had already thought of that, so for another price, they offered the : Zorb, the Swoop, the Bungy, the Free Flight , the Jet Pedal get the picture. So the other half ventured over to the area that offered these adrenaline filled experiences. Basically, I witnessed 3 older guys suit up in some sacks,squeeze together like they would never do in real life,and scream like kids as they were lifted by a crane very high, and then dropped in one fell swoop and swing back and forth while laughing. Thus, The Swoop! This was calculated at a little less than the Sky Jump per second. I am posting pictures here in no particular order of Steve, Dave, and Bruce.... The boys from the 'hood" acting like the youngest thrill seekers around! It was worth every NZ penny to watch. P.S. NZ has no pennies (or nickels).

Posting pictures here

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