Monday, December 27, 2010


Lake Atitlan

Riding in La Excusa

Fireworks in Santiago lake Atitlan

Well, if Xmas eve was interesting is Xmas Day.  A lot of the local market was closed so we hired a launch named"La excusa" and  motored across Lake Atitlan  to one ofthe12 indigenous villages, Santiago, to explore.  Mickey and Joaquin were using their Spanish and bargaining skills with the local merchants and I learned alot.  A small boy decided to follow us and be our guide whether we wanted him to or not!  He turned out to be helpful.  We wanted to see "Moxhimon" the god of vice that is a left over part of the Catholic conversion of the local natives.  The indigenous people picked the Saints and traditions they liked , and kept some of their own...Moxhimon grew out of this.  He travels to a different house every month,with his father,the lord Jesus, evidently.  Our little boy guide took us through alley's and back streets, until we were wondering where they heck we were.  Finally, in what looked like a garage, we saw the Moxhimon (pictures: 2 quetzals, please).  The two men sitting with him were speaking the indigenous language, so our little helper translated into Spanish for us.  Moxhimon had cigars, and liquer, and your everyday vices, but looked pretty tame that day.
When we wanted to go back, our boat was not at the dock. Hmmmm. and we paid in advance.  Jim got angry andwas telling the locals a thing or two, when the boat appeared, and it was all ok.
Steve had spent the day PARAGLIDING with a Frenchman named Roger.  As we were   crossing the Lake, we looked up and saw them flying high over the Mts. and cliffs of the lakeside.  I thought how cool my day was, here in a very remote part of the world....I was in a boat on a beautiful lake and Steve was soaring high above....all on Christmas Day!  For me...perfecto!

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  1. What a wonderful day you had! I'm so jealous... can't imagine we will ever go to such a remote, interesting place! Glad I have you and your blog to "live" vicariously!