Monday, December 27, 2010


We arrived in Lake Atitlan on Xmas EVE day, and got settled in the Hotel Don Rodrigo.  Very typical and comfortable hote lwith a nice restrurant and pool with a water slide for the grandkids.  Wine time on the beautiful patio looking over the lake.  We decided to enjoy their Xmas eve dinner, which was turkey, etc.  Very good, although Mickey had a cheeseburger!  Everyone got small "market bought gifts" and I gave all the men a "Hamayama" puzzle.  More on that later!  That was a hit and funny as it consumed them for a couple of days. 
Earlier in the day, Jim and I and kids took a "tuk-tuk" (3 wheeled vehicle with a motor) to the local's market where we bought a lot of fireworks to blow off that night.  Fireworks in Guatemala are not controlled, and you can basically buy bombs or huge explosives, which is what we did.  My idea of buying sparklers and "bees" were sort of nixed.
After dinner we went to the Lake side and lit the bombs!  We met a funny Canadian, eh? He had some Roman candles and we shared our explosives.  Xmas Eve Guatemalan style.  At midnight, EVERYONE lets off big explosives.  It makes our 4th of July seem rather calm.  We did try an interesting  tissue paper hot air balloon which one lit the fire underneath and as the ballon filled with the hot air it assended towards the lake.  The wind was blowing and it landed in a tree, but fortunately it burned it self out before it burned the tree.
We want the biggest bang for our buck...or Quetzals!

Praying or "Hanayama"?

Xmas Eve

Lighting the paper balloon....

Oh-oh...into the trees...NOT good.

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