Saturday, January 1, 2011


All I can say, is I am glad I have been doing Zumba!  Xmas Day we were sitting by the pool at our hotel and heard some really fantastic music coming from a place next door.  The gals decided it was worth taking a look see.  We found the trail and the entrance to the ¨Sunset¨... a pretty nice resturant on the shores of Lake Atitlan.  The music was coming from a great ¨Garifuna¨band from Livingston, Guat.  They were called the Punta Boys.  I remember the Garifuna from previous trips to the Carribean side of Guatemala, near Rio Dulce.  They play a very infectious music called Punta. We talked to them and found they would be playing that night, but meanwhile did we want to buy some of their whiskey.  Of course, it cured everything, and was also a proven aphrodesiac, and a whole host of other benificial areas.  They poured, we tasted...after all, it was about ¨wine time¨.  Whew! nasty!  Never the less, all 8 of us returned for a wonderful evening and dinner.  After a glass or two, the band started playing and a person could not stop moving.  The leader came and got ME! Myabe it was the left over affects of the whiskey, but I got up for ¨punta instruction¨in front of everyone, including ALL my family.  Then the guy said...¨go alone, mama¨...and I lost all my inhibitions , and had alot of fun.  The band had two really ¨hot mamas¨¨, who, in kind terms, had a ¨a lot of junk in their trunk¨¨, to put it mildly.  That certainly would have helped my dancing, but I made up for it in enthusiasm, and got a standing ovation.  Denise also did the ¨punta¨in skin tight jeans, and of course, she got a much bigger applause.!!!  The ¨punta¨involves simple footwork, alot of booty undulation, and some ¨getting down¨.  I bought one of their CD´s and will be holding lessons at my house soon.  All the boys signed the CD, and I don´t think I embarrssed my grandsons or family too much!

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  1. Where are the pictures?!! At least a picture of the band if not one of the dancing.