Sunday, December 19, 2010


Who spends Christmas in Guatemala?  We do!  Along with the whole family we are headed for a few weeks in La Antigua, with side trips to Panajachel, lake Atitlan and some other areas
Right now, we are hunkered down in a hotel room by the airport  because we have an early am flt to Dallas for a plane change.  I have lost my cell phone, and Steve didn't bring his!  We are hopeless cell phone users and losers, and for that reason, we have reverted to the cheap trac phone.  It is a huge inconvienience to lose one all programed with numbers, but it's cheap to replace.

Hoping I will find WiFi access in Guatemala, but not sure when or where I will be, so until then.....we'll catch you later....

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  1. What an inauspicious start to your vacation! It can only get better! Can't wait to hear and see what you are doing! Have a wonderful Christmas!