Friday, August 15, 2014


                                             Day 1 on the River    August 8

After a good breakfast at the Stagecoach Inn, we all piled into one big van for a 2 plus hour drive to the "put in" spot on the river.  Besides our combined family of 8, we were joined by Salmon residents Tricia and Ryan Miller.  They had left small children at home with their grandparents, so they were stuck with all of us.  I felt sorry for them, but they were great sports, and the younger kids adopted them!
Breanne gave us another talk about bathroom facilities on the river.  We would be using "The Groover", which was placed a bit away from the camp and had a system for privacy, cleanliness, and in "we haul what we do" and that was that.  I won't go into all the details, but to say the Wilderness is pristine and meant to stay that way.  There are strict regulations about what is left after a camp is abandoned...there is NOTHING left of humans, except footprints.  We could get wet in the river, but not use soap or shampoo.  After the trip I was thinking how well everything worked and how clean the whole area was, so we were glad to be a part of this effort to keep the wilderness as pristine as possible.
Joaquin, Jim and Steve decided to grab the two kayaks that we brought along and start paddling.  The rest of us were comfortable in the Oar boats with the guides rowing.  After a short time, we stopped for the first of many good lunches...this one featured the fresh homemade bread of a local bakery.  YUM!

The day was warm and thunder clouds were building up.  We actually had to take out the raincoats as it started raining on us...but the show must go on.  The crew cooked a wonderful dinner, along with wine and beer, and after figuring how to set up the tents, etc, we retired early to the sound of rain patting on our rain fly.
Denise in her tent

Steve and Connie

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