Saturday, August 16, 2014


                                                         Day 2 on the River -  Aug 9

So, my first night I didn't sleep well, but enjoyed listening to the thunder and quiet rain that fell on the tent rain fly.  We got up to a beautiful morning and Steve went and got me a mug of coffee, which was great!  Mornings on the river are quiet and reflective.  After the trip, I decided, for me, this was the best time every day.  I am an early bird by nature, and love the breaking dawn.  Breakfast is not rushed and we have time to sip coffee, read, organize our dry bags for the day, and yes....troop on over to the 'groover" if needed.  French toast, fruit, bacon, cereals, oatmeal, yogurts....just name it...yummy and filling.
After everything was packed and carried to the rafts, we started our first full day down the Salmon.  It kept getting warmer and warmer, and everyone kept getting wetter and wetter in the clear water.
We were looking forward to the "rapids".  With names like Black Creek, Split Rock, Big Mallard, Maisey, Dry Meat, Ludwig, and Chittum, we let our imaginations loose.  I rode in the oar boat, but after lunch, Breanne said the afternoon would be sort of mellow, so I donned a helmet and climbed into a kayak with Steve.  You can probably guess the outcome of this episode!  We hit rapid after rapid, and Maisey was especially big and exciting.  I was constantly wet and getting chilled... Steve said paddle harder and I would stay warm!  As we pulled into a beach to set up our camp for the night, I made a bee line to my dry bag for FLEECE! I warmed up in time to start sampling the humongous container of Margaritas that Breanne made.

We ALL were enjoying those 'ritas, and the yellow jackets were too!

Yellow Jacket Rule #1  Well it is basically the only rule.  Don't swat em!  They were numerous, but fairly non aggressive, unless someone took them on.  For some reason, young boys LOVE to swat, kill, torture, and obsess over those buggers.  Mickey and Alex spent literally hours doing all of this, even after we yelled and begged them to STOP!  Most of us just tried to ignore the YJs and I think there were only a few 7 or 8 spread around the group.  Even tho I had a horrid nightmare about being stung and swelling up, I was lucky and never was stung.

After a scrumptious salmon dinner, with delicious sides and fresh baked lemon bars for dessert, we sat around the fire before we climbed into the tents........tho something ominous was happening and changing the feel of the river surroundings.

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