Thursday, August 21, 2014


                                                        Day 5 on the RIVER --Aug 12

This was our last day on the River of No Return.  We all packed up and would float down the River to a take out ramp at Vinegar Creek.  Steve and I had our car shuttled to that ramp for a hefty price.  Jim and his family were riding with a river shuttle to McCall where they would spend the night before leaving for Boise.  Lance and Alex were riding with us part way....and our wonderful guides and crew were left with all the work of tearing down the gear and packing it on trailers and driving the long hours back to Salmon'

This is where I need to give a great thumbs up to Breanne, owner and guide of River of No Return Wilderness Outfitters.  She was so organized and cool, calm , and collected, and her choice of guides made this trip a very easy and relaxed time.   Guide Trenah Stauffer, was only 21 yrs old, but she handled the river and her raft so well.  This is a summer job for her, and in the winter she goes to school in NYC where she plays on an all woman hockey team called the Manhattenville Valients!  It was great learning about an all woman hockey team and her aspirations after school...(entering a grad program for PA).  Amanda Lariche was our other guide and this gal has had alot of experience on the Salmon AND the Grand Canyon.  She is an EMT and wanting more training for wilderness responder emergency tech.  She brought a calm steady presence to our group, and I loved riding in her boat.  So any apprehensions about an all woman crew where totally blown away by a great group of ladies.  In fact, I am thinking I may have a hard time ever going with the male side of the coin again...just saying.
Last, but NOT least was Silas, who because he was only 16 still could not carry passengers.  But he hauled EVERYTHING ELSE, and when in camp, he did everything too.  I really hope we may run into any of these fine people again on future trips.  If they ever read this blog.....THANK YOU!

Our rafting family!

Emptying dry bags into suitcases
 Trenah taking Alex and Mickey thru some small rapids.

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