Friday, February 26, 2016


After a very lazy morning, we  met with our guide to talk about the general plan for the next two weeks.  Our guide is a native of Arusha and named Maolidi... We call him "Chairman Mao". And he is as easy going and enjoyable as one can get. We met our driver, George, who is also native to this area and will be with us everyday.  He proved his patience this late afternoon as we slowly slogged through what is Arusha going home traffic. One never worries about dangerous animals, malaria, or anything else after a few hours on the road in Africa.
We took off after lunch and headed to Arusha National Park, which is very close (1 hr) away and filled with all kinds of birds and game. We were hoping to see a leopard, but  that did not happen. Many of the bird species and animals we saw , we have already seen In Uganda, which shares a boarder with Tanzania. We couldnt get too excited over them, but did see two species of monkey that we have never seen, the Collabus and Blue monkies. There were only 4 of us in our jeep. Two pediatricians, and us. Did I mention we have 4 doctors and one nurse on board? Guess we have the medical stuff  covered. Last night at thenTulip,,which has been an exceptional restful place.

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