Thursday, February 25, 2016


African  names have lodged in my imagination since I was a small girl. My mother would read me stories of the "dark continent" ; Kilamanjaro, Entebbe, Mombassa, Timbucktu, Dar es Salam, and these unfamiliar names would lodge in my memory and facinate me all my life. I have been lucky to travel to some of these countries and cities in Africa. Everything Africa interests me and has for a long time. This will be our 4th trip to the continent and the first to the Eastern side. Tanzania and Zanzibar will be the countries that we explore. Because we left Sequim the day before our flight, we have been on a ( two day plus) journey to the City of Arusha in Tanzania to begin a trek to see the migrating herds of the Seringheti, Ngorongoro Crater, and many more historical and cultural things of this area. 

I am sitting in a plane once more, having left Istanbul and and flying south over Africa to Tanzania. Because of the time changes, plane changes and  everything else...I do not even know what time it is for real.... Steve keeps saying it is "such and such" time back home, which only makes it worse. I like to just get on board with the time when we land and take it from there. So we land at 1:05 AM. We need to go thru customs, pay the Visa, find our guide and get to the hotel. Steve already has a sleeping mask on and a blankie.   I am enjoying a 2nd glass of wine. I am figuring it will be a long night, or morning...or whatever it is.....

29 hours of travel and still hanging in there. 

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