Friday, November 20, 2015

Robing Up

Realizing how much Muslim history carved out India, we embarked on a trip across town to visit the Jama Masjid Mosque, which is the largest in India. Architecture is of the Mughal era, and the mosque is mostly outdoors surrounding a huge courtyard. Muslim women who are robed and veiled are allowed to walk in, but our "western" clothes were deemed to immodest by an imam, so we were offered cotton robes, which basically looked like a tacky hospital gown, tied up the back. Everyone had to take off their shoes. I was feeling like we look like the FLDS from Warren Jeffs brood. Kind of took the reverence out of the afternoon. Anyway, we did it, saw it, and survived it. Along the way Naveen, who is a teacher by trade poured out historical stories with charm and intellect. He knows his history well, and it is a wonderful way to learn the complicated history of this part of the world.
Back at the "Taj Palace",our wonderful hotel, we cleaned up and went for dinner at Marsala. So, I have had Indian food in many places. I have NOT had Indian food. While most Indians are vegetarians, they do serve meat, but not beef. Muslims don't eat pork, so mostly everyone serves lamb, or "mutton" as they call it. I chose the vegetarian meal  and was not disappointed. Everything is so much more delicate. Lots of spicy, but good spicey. A light touch on most curries, and wonderful vegetables. We had some incredible wine from a Vineyard near Mumbai. India is not noted for wines, but they have a very pleasant beer called "Kingfisher". A wine maker from Napa, CA made a bundle in the states and decided to come live in India and start a winery, so his wines were served for dinner. Dessert is usually light and small. We had small "milk balls" in a light syrup, which were just so yummy. Naveen gave us 4 sheets of  paper with food names and what was in the dish, and there is much to try!

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