Tuesday, November 24, 2015


We got to Pushkar in the afternoon and immediately went to "experience" this gigantic camel get together. It was everything I thought it would be. There were arts and crafts bazaars, dance performances,colorful people, pilgrims, and of course, hundreds of camels.  We got onto some camel carts to ride out into the desert. There we saw many tribes of bedouin Indians and their camels. A feast for the eyes as people compete to dress their camels and even shave their fur into designs. There is quite a bit of begging and a lot of hassling to buy or pay for  pictures.  It seemed everyone wanted money for something. It was very dusty, warm, smelly, noisy, but a lot of fun. There were also some very beautiful Arab horses there. There were turbaned men, gypsies, tribes people, bejeweled women, ethnic music and interesting food. It was toward the end of the five day celebration and some of the tribesmen were walking home with their herds. They are nomadic people who have to keep moving to find food for the camels, but some of them came pretty far, and all got here to Pushkar by walking the herds here.

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