Saturday, November 6, 2010


Ok...the Turks love their sweets, but they weren't exactly like ours.  I never saw cake, cookies, or pies...but anything soaked in honey was BIG.  Nuts, fruits...soaked in honey.  Figs, baklava...soaked in honey.  Turkish Delight  was served in many ways, with nuts, without, and with all kinds of "flavours".  There was even a Turkish delight made with carrots and pistachios which I really liked.
Turkish Delight Rolls

Honey and Jam store

Turkish Delight shaved off the brick
This Turkish delight was in a convenience store.  They would  slice it  off the slab and put into containers.  Mint and Pistachio and Carrot Hazelnut.
Some times they would just serve fresh melon or pears after dinner.  Of course, for Steve and I, that just didn't cut it!  We would wait and drool for the sweet stuff.  One place we found had these awesome chestnuts covered in dark chocolate.  They were toasted, or ground, or candied and in many shapes, but they were all Chestnuts and covered in a delicious dark chocolate.  Jams and flavored honeys were abundant, and cherry jams seemed to be traditional...and 'bitter orange" marmalade which was made with a green orange, very pungent and flavorful.
 All these candies are made with only chestnuts and dark chocolate.  They weren't overly sweet.

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