Friday, November 5, 2010


Ok, guys can tune out now.  That's what they did anyway when the girls wanted to go shopping.  With the  exception of the  beautiful Turkish carpet factory and the "Chez Galip" pottery factory, most of us just bartered our way through thee bazaars and markets.  Yes, you can barter in Turkey and it is usually quite easy as they will barter in Turkish lira, US dollars or Euros.  They aren't very aggressive barterers, and there seems to be a set rule:  they start high, you go to half, they make a little fuss, then you usually get it for half or 1/3  of the asking price.  In the towns and stores, the prices are usually set, but out in the markets and small places, you can have some fun.

 These pottery vases and jars are made in the
Cappodocia region  and were quite expensive.  Some people bought examples and had them shipped home.

The head gear was usually purchased by tourists, but I rarely saw a local in this type pf stuff.  Same thing with the Fez.  It is not exactly in fashion anymore, since the demise of the Ottoman Empire, but the tourists seems to like one or two to take home and use at a costume party.  Most Turkish men just don't wear hats at all.  Baseball caps were only on Americans.
Then, we had the Turkish Viagra!  It was everywhere.  I think it was their version of saffron, but you could hardly see a store they weren't selling it.  sheeeesh!  Another common thing was the blue 'Evil Eye'.  Now, this really was everywhere, cars, buses, houses, hotel buildings, shops,  museums...everywhere.  It is also known as the 'eye of Medusa' and is an amulet that people in ancient times think protected them from evil spirits.  Turkish people are very superstitious, and the Evil Eye was everywhere even on the airplanes.  It really has become the symbol of Turkey, so i bought a bunch and now have one hanging inside my door and in my car...Might as well, jump on board!  One of the gals bought this awesome Turkish warrior hat all encrusted with metal charms.  She said she had a big black wig stand in her houseboat and it was going to go on that.  It was neat..but you'd have to have a special place for it.


Connie shopping!

Tanya's helmet

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