Thursday, July 24, 2014


I am in Guatemala for the sixth time. It is different this time.  While all the press in USA is on fire about thousands of illegals from here making there way across the boarder, I would not even know it if it wasn't for CNN.  I have just spent a week in "the City" as the locals call it, and I enjoyed myself very much.  The traffic is awful...but it is what it is, and people here are so used to the ebb and flow of traffic patterns, that they just get on the roads anyway.  I am blessed with a gutsy and good driver DIL who hardly skips a beat as we manuever the crazy traffic patterns and customs.  It is NOT my favorite ride, but it IS an adventure in it's own way. We have gone bowling, working out, visiting, eating, shopping, movies, and just don't think of the time spent getting to all this.  I have never spent time in the actual City of Guatemala, so this has been fun.  I guess the moniker is nothing is easy in Guate City, nor does it make sense, but we carry on and have fun.  2 weeks ago I was in Iceland, and I will say that Guatemala and Iceland have ONE BIG thing in common.  VOLCANOES!  Other than that, they are polar opposites in almost everything.  Still, people are kind and helpful and I speak a bit of Spanish, so it is  all good.

After a week in Guatemala City, we drove to the old capital, Antigua.  Dating from the 1500, when the Spanish started here, this City still has it's old world feel and cobbled streets.  In the 15 years I have been coming here, I see changes.  There are a a lot of touristas!  A lot.  A lot of "christian groups" just enjoying the heck out of giving service to the indigionist peoples. Infact, Catholisim is faultering while,the born agains are on the rise.  There are mega churches here that equal anything in the states! We spend our days driving into Antigua (about 3 miles from our wonderful abode...thank you Graciela!) and swimming in the pool at Hotel Antigua, shopping in the markets, and just enjoying the ambiance of this old and very beautiful city.  

When we were changing planes in Dallas, we met two young women from the Netherlands.  It was world Cup, and Netherlands was playing.  My grandson, Mickey, was decked out in Argentine garb, as he is a "Messi fan". All the way.  As people do when traveling...some just hit it off.  We did this with our two friends from Nethlands.  They were on a back packing trip through Central America, and low and behold, after a week in Guatemala...we RAN INTO THEM AT THE PARK IN CENTRAL ANTIGUA!  What fun.   We made a dinner date and spent a wonderul evening with Sharon and Udits, and another new friend, Mor, from Isreal.  Antigua is teaming with people from all over the world. 


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